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This theory states that a natural dam formed above the present canyon which would have filled the Colorado Plateau with water creating several large lakes.

The alleged lakes would have covered an estimated 30,000 square miles, or roughly three times the size of present day Lake Michigan (Austin 19-94).

When asked to imagine the biggest, deepest, longest canyon one can imagine, an image of the Grand Canyon will often pop into a person's mind.

In supporting his theory, Austin tries to discredit evidence used by those with opposing views.

One way he does this is by pointing out the discrepancies in Radiometric dating, specifically of Grand Canyon rocks.

Austin admits that this shows evidence of tectonic activity, and he attributes it to tectonic activity after Day 3 of Creation Week.

He uses biblical interpretation to justify his conclusions on this specific division.

Austin also cites several smaller canyons that are known to have formed relatively quickly to support his claim about the age of Grand Canyon, several of which are located around Mount St. In comparing the Grand Canyon with certain parts of eastern Washington, Austin fails to address the vast differences between the regions.