Who is kolby koloff dating

So they invite Frankie to the weekly “microchurch,” their church’s term for small group.

“I feel really awkward about my parents inviting Frankie over for microchurch,” Olivia confides.

Demotious looks like he’s trying to do a convincing impression of a dinner roll, in the hopes that the waiter will whisk him away in the breadbasket.

This means that Emily is also acquainted with Frankie, the friend from Olivia’s past who has recently shown up again.

He’s just a friend, but nevertheless, Olivia’s parents Mark and Cheryl want to know who’s in her life.

So there is a sense in which Mark and Frankie have their own relationship now, as pastor and possibly-interested-church-newcomer. It can be really tricky, and requires a great deal of skill, character, compassion, and preparation to negotiate well.

And on that note, I’ll just point out that in my experience teaching seminarians—many of whom are serving churches already—this is the most realistic clergy family issue we’ve seen so far in .

The fact that it’s Wednesday means that yesterday was Tuesday, which is when I (and almost nobody I know, frankly, but evidently a lot of other people on Twitter) tune in at 10 Eastern/9 Central to watch episode 4 of on Lifetime. This week’s episode begins with Kolby, immediately post-breakup, going to talk to her mother.