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Headers are asked to re- port all cases of books marked or mutilated. The work here published has been under way for many years.

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^tm fork Xfiix-v-erflity -of -Chicago- -Ll]3Sj8..1n...exchazig A The date shows wnen this volume was taken. All books must be re- led at end of college year for inspection and repairs. Of unpublished manuscripts several were found which take us much nearer the original than did any of those already printed.

HOME USE RULES All Books subject to recall All borrowers must ren- ter in the library to bor- row books for home use. Of the published texts, Fleck's was a careless and in- accurate transcription of a single manuscript, while Istrin's, which was indispensable for understanding the history of the work, is buried in Russian.

Volu Tnes of periodicals and of pamphlets are held in the library as much as possible. It is hoped, however, that no accessible manuscripts have been missed, and that the ma- terials available have been set forth in such a manner as to put scholars in possession of all data necessary for accurate con- clusions.

Officers should arrange for the return of books wanted during their absence from town. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO t STAMENT OF SOLOMON EDITED FROM MANUSCRIPTS AT MOUNT ATHOS , BOLOGM, HOLKHAM HALL, JERUSALEM, ' LONDON, MILAN, PARIS AND " 'VIENNA . SUBMITTED TO THE/I ACDLTY OF TH£^ IGRADUATE DIVINITY SCHOOL IN CANDIDACYJf QR THfi DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF: :yil IX)SOPHY (Department of new testament and early chkjstian literature) ; BY CHESTER CHARLTON Mc COWN ^ LEIPZIG J. This edition cannot aspire to present all the materials nor to answer all the questions involved.

In browsing among the manuscripts of the Great Greek Monastery in Jerusalem he had the good fortune to discover two manuscripts, one of the Testament, one of the legend of Preface. Although the printing of the Testament has been delayed for various reasons, it was not possible to incorporate the results of the study of these manu- scripts in the text. It follows the W text For the patience and wisdom of the editor of the series.