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Peter Von Danzig's Fechtbuch on Liechtenauer, 1452. Vincentio Saviolo - His Practice in Two Books -1595 Vincentio Saviolo: His Practice in Two Books - 1595. George Silver - Paradoxes of Defence and Brief Instructions Upon My Paradoxes of Defence -c. Han Talhoffer's "fechtbuch" shows another way how medieval combat was used Germany.

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Its repeatedly drawn figures are lifelike and even emotive, grimacing in pain or frowning with fierce determination.

Many of the plates do not demonstrate step-by-step techniques, preserving instead images of a bout at the moment when one technique has prevailed over another.

The earliest example is a fresco in tomb 15 at , showing illustrations of techniques dating to c. Similar depictions of wrestling techniques are found on dating to .

The only known instance of a book from is (2nd century), detailing techniques.

An extant Chinese text on wrestling is "Six Chapters of Hand Fighting" included in the 1st-century AD . Foot methods were subdivided into armed combat and unarmed combat.