Scotish marriage and dating customs

Rent or buy a kilt for the groom to wear that represents his clan.

Exchange rings with Celtic knotwork designs instead of plain gold wedding bands.

Tying the knot originated from the bride and groom ripping their wedding plaids (clan tartans) andtying the two strips together as a symbol of the unity of the two families.

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Roman women used to border their robes with blue as a signof modesty, love, and fidelity.

Also blue is the colour normally associated with Mary the mother of Jesus who is often used to symbolise steadfast love, purity, and sincerity.

The groom,like the bride, is dressed up and taken around town by his friends and workmates.

There is often agreat deal of harmless practical joking, of which the poor groom is the main target.

The groom, meanwhile, is taken out for a stag night on one of the evenings preceding the wedding.