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The fabric is then stamped down, and when the designs are finished, the fabric is passed through a roller to flatten the metal even more.History Historically, metal thread embroidery has been used extensively throughout the Middle East, Asia, and parts of Europe.In numai cateva zile, dintii tai vor deveni vizibil mai albi datorita aplicarii benzilor speciale cu efect de albire.

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Vei sti, de asemenea, cat timp trebuie sa tii aceste benzi de albire pe dintii tai pentru a obtine cele mai bune rezultate.

In mod normal, ele trebuie aplicate de doua ori pe zi, in medie, timp de doua saptamani.

These early embroideries were done with the application of precious metals, especially gold.

The pure metal was beaten into thin plates, divided into small slips which were rounded by a hammer, and then filed to form wire. In the late 19th century, Orientalism was very popular and tourism to the Middle East grew.

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