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There are so many articles on cricket, some on the nostalgia of the sport.

Determination of applicants category of employment as Trainee : On the basis of educational qualification, experience and proficiency in concerned sport, candidates will be selected either as Commercial Trainee (Non- supervisory) or Management Trainee (Supervisory) on attractive terms.

Training Period : Commercial Trainee : One Year Management Trainee : Two years.

And what was most wonderful to see was the re-emergence of Imran Khan as a main strike bowler once again despit e being mauled in the one-day internationals. 40 on the newsstand price Postage free Address your order to: The Circulation Manager Ananda Bazar Patrika Ltd 6, Prafulla Sarkar Street Calcutta 700001 Please draw your demand draft/cheque in favour of: Ananda Bazar Patrika Ltd. Decline The article on P T Usha (Sportsworld, April 6th) was interesting but it missed out on her Los Angelos performance.

Imran demonstrated brilliant showmanship and cricket acumen and thus paved the way for their' famous win over the West Indies. Ciassy Imran THE interview with Imran Khan in Sportsworld (23-29th March) was informative and direct. After Los Angeles, Usha has declined considerably , She has come fifth in the '85 World ’frack and Field Championships (again in a depleted field), place in ’86 (The Goodwill Games) and could not qualify in the '87 World Track and Field Championships in Rome.

I quite sympathise with you , it's a matter of bread, butter and jam for you and if I were in your position, I would be losing quite a bit of my sleep. I would suggest that you negotiate a contract with the Delhi and Districts Cricket Association so that Mr Botham can play Ranji Trophy matches for them. Mr Botham is a problem cricketer and needs to play for an organisation which can crack the whip over such i players And let me assure you, our Delhi is really j tops in tliat. This i year, they dropped a free scoring wicketkeeper I batsman Su rincier Khanna for no obvious reason . Furthermore elephants are aplenty here And if Mr Botham decides to launch a march without going over to the mountains, let me point out that Delhi has a march every day.