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But it turned out that we kind of had a connection. In the last days of 1974, I was born in Dayton, Ohio, to Gregg and Sono Harris. Our family moved to Gresham, Oregon, when I was eight.Not because I was afraid my indoctrination brain would start blaring to be with me, much less know I had issues about sex and still choose to give me a chance. From purity cliff worksheets and dirty band-aid metaphors to glorious slutty, slutty nights. She plays the harp, pole dances, reads tarot, daydreams about future tattoos and is studying to become a social worker so she can work with people who leave high-demand religious backgrounds.

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I can only do what I do because the incredible team of pastors who serve alongside me.

Shannon and I have been blessed with three children--two girls, with a little boy in between.

In 1997, I relocated from Oregon to Gaithersburg, Maryland, to serve as a pastoral intern under C. I ended publication of the magazine, moved in with C. That same year, my book I Kissed Dating Goodbye was released.

It was at Covenant Life that I met my wonderful wife Shannon. In 1999, I worked with a small team to launch the first national New Attitude conference—a worship and teaching gathering for young adults.

I love the people of this church and hope to grow old preaching God's word here.