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The shards were real, but no such glasses were in the kitchen!

These events have been witnessed by more than one person at the time and never explained!

Its has been reported that if you look into the cabin the bible will be closed, and if you go to the top of the hill and touch the cross, go back and the bible will be open.

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About 100 years ago on this road there was a woman that lived here by her self for many years.

They accused her and two others of using witchcraft so they hung them with chains and on every Halloween around midnight you can drive down the road and hear the chains dragging on the top of your vehicle when you go under the tree.

Built in 1840 as a Methodist High School and it also served as a hospital for Union forces during the Civil War.

The Academy was purchased by Catholic nuns in 1877 and became a girl's school until it closed in 1971.

Finding this location is extremely difficult, a maze of gravel and dirt roads.