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Generally, losses are only recognized in a liquidating distribution.

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When property is distributed to a partner, then the partnership must treat it as a sale at fair market value ().

The partner's capital account is decreased by the FMV of the property distributed.

In a liquidating distribution, the basis of property received by a partner is equal to the basis of the partnership interest minus any money received in the same transaction, so the carryover basis in the property can never be greater than the partner's outside basis in the partnership: Partner's Basis in Property in Liquidating Distribution = Partner's Outside Basis – Money Received If a partner has an outside basis of $100,000 and receives a liquidating distribution of $140,000, then a $40,000 gain would be recognized, but if the $40,000 had been property and the rest cash, then the gain would not be recognized, but the partner's basis in the property would be zero, so taxes would have to be paid on the gain of the property when it is sold: Partner's Basis in Property = $100,000 Outside Basis – $100,000 Cash Received A gain or loss may also be recognized by a partner who contributes property to the partnership that, subsequently, is distributed to another partner within 7 years, in which case, the contributing partner would recognize a gain of the FMV of the property over the partner's original tax basis in the property.

This schedule is being provided as a courtesy so that you can assist shareholders in calculating the tax basis of their shares.

In a liquidating distribution, if a partner's outside basis in the partnership exceeds the cash received plus the FMV of any property received, then the partner will recognize a loss to the extent of the excess.


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