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Excellent Value Other solid brass lamps of this size and quality regularly sell in custom brass shops for $175 to $250. He opposes all "interpretations" as inferior to the authentic, direct reading of the classic texts, which apparently is there for anyone to find. He said campaigns have reached a point where political posi- tions are secondary to "charisma" and, in most cases, only the economically elite can run for office because of the time and money it takes to organize a campaign. They may come in thinking that Chaucer is dry reading, but by the time they've gotten to the last of the Canter- bury Tales, they're ready to ride off with the cast of characters. Evans' WPA documen- tary of a Depression-era rural family in Ala- bama, titled Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and co-authored by Tennessee novelist James Agee, is arguably the classic by which all other documentary books are still judged today. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1979, and has been a visiting professor at MIT and at NYU's Courant Insti- tute of Mathematical Sciences. "I didn't think of writers as these mythical figures because there was one living in the house with me and eating breakfast with us. '81 was awarded the doctor of ministry degree by Vanderbilt University in May. Heidi Leifer Rotberg 78 is a psychologist in Vero Beach, Fla., where she lives with her husband, UKE TRAVEL 1988 ELEVEN EXCITING ADVENTURES 'Through travel we learn to know not only our own world, hut ourselves in a new relationship." -Seneca We cordially invite you to travel with us. But it's impossible." As if to compensate, she papers her office in Jeffrey's rumpled artwork. The next day I talked to my editor, Bob Bender, for the first time. Above the din of the tobacco auctioneers, you can hear some voices- rising confidently together, though hardly in harmoni- ous agreement— of the New South.

But as you are able to buy Satisfaction Guaranteed or Return in 30 days for Full Refund. I would humbly suggest that some forms Overleaf— Calm amid the storm over liberal education and its content: Duke divinity professor Thomas Langford. "We have created a basketball game to come up with the best poker player," he said. We need to get reality on to the scene." According to Barber, the public has the right to know everything about a presidential candidate's past to evalu- ate his or her character and ability to run the country. Such are the teach- ing talents of Gibson, an associate professor of English and humani- ties, that she was chosen the 1987 North Caro- lina Professor of the Year by the Council for Advancement and Sup- port of Education. In New Mexico, Evans' photos and Agee's writing began to make sense to Harris in a profound way. It's the landscape Georgia O'Keefe painted with utter fascination for sixty of her ninety-eight years. At Duke, Cocke is a member of the engineering school's Dean's Council and board of visitors. '81 repre- sented Duke in October at Pomona College's Centen- nial Celebration in Claremont, Calif. He never had a day when he didn't sit down and get some- thing done. Bermuda by Land or Sea April 16-23 Explore the beautiful beaches, lively pubs, and exquisite shops on the charmingly Brit- ish resort island of Bermuda. The gallery includes a Christmas tree decorated in Froot Loops and the rudimentary figure of a woman with orange hair and green eyes. I'm convinced that I would find him an absolutely wonderful fellow even if he didn't love my book. Probably no state in the past twenty years has surpassed North Carolina as a homing ground for writers.

After being assembled, each lamp is tested and inspected to ensure its lasting quality and beauty. Personalized Considering this is the first time that a lamp such as this has ever been offered, you can have it personalized with your name, initials, degree/year, etc, recorded now and for generations to come, hand lettered in gold directly underneath the shield on the shade (horizontally). The historical moment, through parents and TV, is always keeping it well stocked with new half-truths and recycled old ones. Before the Saturday evening Broadway performance, the Duke group will attend a gala reception in the atrium of New York's Equitable Building— a pattern that follows last year's successful benefit in connection with Neil Simons Broadway Bound, which previewed on campus. "It's a good place to look for someone who is interested in what is revealed in our everyday lives." Before his work in Alaska with the Eskimos, Harris gained national recognition for an earlier project, The Old Ones of New Mexico, his first collaborative book with Robert Coles. When Harris graduated with a bachelor's in psychology from Yale in 1971, he was in- vited by Joel Fleishman to come to Durham to photograph substandard housing across North Carolina. degree from Columbia University's law school in May. During their travels, they "enjoyed train, plane, bus, boat, and foot travel in some fascinating cultures and places of the world." D. '77 recently completed a fellowship in musculoskeletal radiology at the Hospi- tal of the University of Pennsylvania and is now an assistant professor of radiology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. '77 i president of Carroll Financial Planning Associates Inc. And she doesn't dismiss the idea of working on another biography. Jannelle Connevey Morris 76 to Enc Thibau on June 27. When the SEC launched its investigation in mid-January, Bloom had paid $20,000 of the pledge, which the university turned over to a court-appointed receiver. Two paintings Bloom presented to the art museum last Au- gust, with a total appraisal value of $58,500, were also returned. 75, director of enforce- ment for the SEC, said the investigation began with a tip.

How to Reserve; Satisfaction Guaranteed The Lamp of Duke is available directly by using the reservation form below. Bloom uses historical explanation when it suits him, dumps it when it doesn't. As with the Broadway Bound benefit, the Neil Simon Endowment for Dramatic Arts at Duke will receive all proceeds. Now chairman of Duke's capital campaign, Fleishman himself was moving to North Car olina to build the cur- At left, Robert Coles with a Cambodian boy outside a suburban Virginia apartment complex; above, an Eskimo man hunting Caribou near Ambler, Alaska riculum and faculty for the Institute of Policy Sciences. "He saw something in my photographs that I didn't see. He is an associate with the law firm Shearman and Sterling in New York. She works in the ob/gyn clinic teach- ing prenatal orientation to military expectant parents. "I'd like to work with someone who's a bit older, cover a longer lifespan," she says. "Returning the gifts is the right thing for Duke to do under the circumstances," said President H. As sole stock holder of Greater Sutton Investors Group, Bloom is alleged to have collected a total of $10 million from about 100 clients for stock market investments, but to have used the money instead to buy a Manhattan condo, a house in the Hamptons, European sports cars, and expensive jewelry. "We got a call from some- one, not an investor, who said we should look into the Bloom operation," he told The Chronicle. It's not the pressure to come up with a big scoop, though we do that now and again.

To consider those questions— and to assess Bloom's forceful indictment of the culture, the universities, and the students— the magazine organized separate discussions among two groups of Duke professors. Warren's p's are planning, public- ity, positive attitude, people, and preven- tion. This air safari is exclusive to Duke Alumni and not available anywhere else. Chartered flights between game parks eliminate long, dusty rides, and we have included wildlife experts to provide educational commentary along the way. The London rest stop will be wel- comed by everyone. Arrangements by: Intrav Bermuda by Land or Sea April 16-23 Explore the beautiful beaches, lively pubs, and exquisite shops on the charmingly Brit- ish resort island of Bermuda. Sarah Flynn Mc Adams 79 is a certified public accountant with Smith Allen Hodge and Co. Harris tells how the photographs he made along the southern coast of the Bering Sea were not the easiest to come by. But since the research information was compiled for private mar- keting projects, it rarely has been available to scholars and the public.